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BICheck allows to identify bank and check if account number is correct. At this moment it supports 37 Dutch and 58 Polish financial institutions.

Notes: Account numbers in Poland are 26-digits long. In most cases Dutch account numbers are 9-digits long, however if:
  • account has less than 9 digits, it's so called 'gironummer' (account belonging to non-existing Postbank who has been overtaken by ING bank) and it's not possible to determine check digit
  • account with 10 digits, it's usually saving account (Spaarrekening)

Acceptgiro consists from at least 7 digits (without check digit), but mostly it's 16-digits long (4x4).

Currently you can check following numbers with BICheck:

Please let me know if you find data incosistency or just encounter a bug. You can send email to my address: mika.hellmann @ (without spaces) or via Sourceforge website.

07.03.2009: new version BICheck 1.2 (changelog)

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